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The Lomans are excited to have the opportunity to get back to their first love and passion by going back into practice and making a difference in the lives of their beloved Naples community. January 2018 they launched Essential Chiropractic and are eager to serve Naples once again.

Maryella Loman


Dr. Maryella Loman graduated from the University of Minnesota and Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1989.

While on the path to become an orthopedic surgeon, she was involved in a car accident that left her with debilitating pain. Unfortunately, the doctors she aspired to be like, failed to help her.

Luckily, her life changed forever when she was introduced to chiropractic. Not only was the healing she received dramatic but the philosophy and foundation of this natural, drug free approach to health made so much sense to her that she chose to change her career path.

Over the last 29 years Dr. Loman has helped thousands of patients find the cause to their problem, recover their health and reach their maximum potential whether suffering chronic health problems or from injuries such as car accidents, sports or work injuries.

Dr. Loman has advanced training and certifications in nutrition, spinal correction, and detoxification and is a board eligible Chiropractic Sports Physician.

Greg Loman


Dr. Greg Loman graduated from Life University in Marietta Ga. In 1990 and swiftly built one of the countries largest and most successful chiropractic clinic in history. In the 90’s, Dr. Loman positioned himself as the go-to leader in his community hosting the popular ‘Ultimate Health’ radio and TV show and took his profession to the world stage by winning the world and two time national championship offshore powerboat racing titles as captain of ‘Team Chiropractic”.

He gained respect and recognition within the profession as a New York Times best-selling author of “One Minute Wellness” and for his achievements and ability to coach, mentor and lead other doctors to build large successful practices delivering affordable quality care to their patients.

With the support of and help from his wife, Dr. Greg Loman co-founded the guiding principles of MaxLiving and the 5 Essentials.

In addition to being committed to the health of their local community and serving many local charities, the Loman’s recognized a need and founded a foundation which is focused on providing care, healthy meals and education for the “at risk” and underprivileged.


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